Teaching is all about the student, how a teacher expands him is the magic.

From your very first day as our students we see a new and exceptional brand waiting to be lunched into the finished leather industry and our aim is to equip you with the required technical skill, ignite the creativity in you, and help you tap into the striking business opportunities that abound.

Teaching the craft of shoe making is much more just lecturing and demonstrating. It requires finding the students’ physical skills (they all have them) and clarifying their learning style. It is exposing students to different tools, methods, and industry section to find the best fit for them

Whether creating a military oxford boot, a sexy high-heel tango shoe, a “vampy” club shoe, an elegant men’s shoe, simple buffalo moccasins, simple shoes, or hiking boots, the rules are the same: find the student’s strengths and aptitudes, and then gently, but firmly, push them toward their dreams.