Do I need prior experience or educational qualification to attend your school?

You do not need any special skill or qualifications. Although over the years, not less than 80% of our students have a minimum of an undergraduate degree, we have hoever had primary school and secondary school leavers. you however need to be excited about shoes and/or bags and ready to work. Our school is designed to be an authentic shoemaking/Bag making experience. Our students learn to make their shoes/bags from pattern making to finishing. Including learning how to sew and how a machine works, some schools just teach the basics. Some schools just have their students assemble components. WE TEACH SHOEMAKING/BAGMAKING. If you want to just assemble or wrap pre-made components, our school is not for you.

Do you accept payments in instalments

We realize that the fee may be difficult for some people to pay all at once, so we do accept payment in instalments. 50% deposit will hold your place in the class of your choosing with the balance due not later than two weeks from the beginning of the course. Our fees are among the lowest and our quality unsurpassed. You can also take advantage of our early registration to enjoy about 15% discount on fees.

Do you offer accommodation?

Yes we offer hostel accommodation at N1, 000 naira per night. However, accommodation is only available for 5 students on a first come first serve basis. All arrangement for accommodation (including payment) needs to be made at least one week before start of course

Do you use CAD?

Short answer? No! Learn how to make shoes/Bags, and then see if a computer can help you. It doesn’t work the other way around

What kind of shoes will I be able to make at the end of the class?

With about 10 years of creative shoe making behind us, we can assure you that your shoe will be the very best you can make at every skill level. Our specialty is not in the kinds of shoes we make (we make them all). It is in our approach. We. teach students about the creative process and how to access their creative gifts We guide, we push, we pull, we motivate, we repeat, we reframe — anything to enable each student to access the secret fire that all craftsmen.. Our classes are structured to expose you to a wide variety of shoes of both sex and all ages including slippers, sandals, dress shoes, heels, and casuals. We tailor our teaching to the students learning style and strive to surpass your expectation.

What does the fee cover

The fees are:
1) Registration form: 2500
2) Tuition fee N100, 000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira only) with an early registration discount of N15, 000 (Fifteen Thousand naira) We estimate that students will need an additional N20, 000 (Twenty thousand naira) for materials these materials can be bought in the school or elsewhere and can be bought in piecemeal.